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How to choose a not very expensive (up to $ 1k) but the quality wrist watches?

A wristwatch is among the accessories that most men will wear. A great watch is more than a timeless accessory-it is an investment and a status symbol. But since there are many options that are available, it can be confusing choosing a fantastic masterpiece that suits your reputation and image. If you want to take a wristwatch a bit more seriously, here is how to choose a high-quality wristwatch.

   Weight of the watch

Heavy is good and is a sign of reliability in watches. There are many components that make up a high quality watch and its just natural that they will take up a great deal of space and add to the overall weight of the watch. Anytime you wear the accessory, it really needs to feel like a watch and not a toy is on your hand.

   Water Resistance

A high quality wristwatch is able to resist water up to 100 meters deep. Whether you are caught up in a storm or if the watch accidentally drops into the swimming pool, you can pick it up without getting worried.

   The movement

High quality watches do not make a sweep sound. Tick-tock sounds are only synonymous with low quality wristwatches. The tiny stick like features will be gliding smoothly with no sound coming out of it. The internal movements of the watch as well as the internal construction of the watch are done meticulously. As the sticks move around, it produces a flawless sweep. This is the difference between a thousand and a ten-dollar movement.


The wristwatch may be gold plated and stored in a thin and plain case. It should have a rotating bezel with clear markings on the outer side. They should have thick luminous hands.

The name of the watch and tradition

A watch with a well-known name is much better than one, which has none. Reputation, legends and traditions go a long way in turning regular wristwatches into extraordinary. It is imperative that the watch’s legend should outlive you. Check the available options and go for brand names that have been in existence for many years.


Any high quality wristwatch should have the ability to keep correct time at all times. Those that run on quartz movement can be kept accurate thanks to superbly cut quartz crystals. These type of watches run on gears and springs that have been kept together neatly. Watches that offer a high level of precision are thoroughly tested before the watches are released into the market. Watches whose levels of accuracy have been certified can stand the rigors of time and can last for a long period.

   Swiss Branding

Watches that meet certain stringent quality requirements are branded to have been manufactured in Switzerland. This is a commitment to excellence that the Swiss government has been serious about for many decades now. In real sense, watches whose movements are assembled in Switzerland are allowed this kind of branding. However, other than in Switzerland, there are some other strong watch making traditions from around the world. However, a wristwatch that is made in Switzerland offers a guarantee of reliability and quality.


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